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In conformity to the Decree legislative 30 June 2003, n. 196 on the guardianship of the personal data, Swimming pools Acquasport Service srl, titular of the portal with center to Bridge St. Giovanni, Street Orazio Tramontani 32 (Perugia), inform that the information that he/she will freely want to communicate will be inserted us in our database, you faithfully treats to the principles of correctness, liceità and transparency and of guardianship of Your reservation and Your rights, elaborate electronically and used by our society to the goal fiscal and to promote our products.

You have the possibility to freely access the data communicated for adjourning them, to modify them, to integrate them and to cancel contacting them or We inform her besides that to the senses of the article 13 of the aforesaid law, Your data won't be communicated to other subjects.

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From the moment that the installation of Cookie and other systems of tracing operated by third parts through the services used inside this Application cannot technically be checked by the Holder, every specific reference to Cookie and systems of tracing installed by third parts it is him to consider indicative. To get complete information, consults the privacy policy of the possible third services listed in this document. Sees the objective tied up complexity to the identification of the based technologies on the Cookie and to their very narrow integration with the operation of the web, the consumer you/he/she is invited to contact the Holder if he/she wanted to receive whatever close examination related to the use of the Cookie I was and to possible uses of the same. – for instance to work of bystanders. effected through this site